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Koofr is a secure, privacy-oriented and EU-based cloud storage solution, present on the market since 2013. Its name is invented from words meaning a suitcase in various European languages, symbolizing a safe place for your files.
It is accessible through web, mobile, desktop applications and WebDAV. Users can access and store their files in one place with affordable Koofr plans and by connecting their Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive accounts.
The company’s headquarters are located in Slovenia, while the users’ data is stored in highly secured data centres across the EU, guaranteeing compliance with the EU privacy legislation.
In the time that privacy is becoming a luxury, Koofr’s goal is to hold as little personal data about its users as possible while providing them with the best possible product. Koofr is, in fact, the only cloud storage provider that doesn’t track its users, offering a private cloud storage experience.
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