Less limits, more fun

Access Koofr through the web, desktop, mobile, WebDAV protocol or Rclone.

No individual file size limits and no file type limits. Upload anything you want to keep safe and private.

Connect your existing cloud accounts (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive) to fully utilize our unified search engine.

Keep your photos, videos, and documents safe

Automatically backup all of the media files from your mobile phone (iOS, Android or Huawei).

Two-way synchronisation from your computer without limits with Koofr desktop app. Choose folders you want to sync.

Additionally protect your account with two step verification for added safety and security of your account.

Simple sharing

Create a link to share any file or folder. Make links private or public, set the expiration date or add a message. Send them via your favourite option.

Receiving large files from anyone, or many of them has never been easier. Simply create a Receive files link on a folder and send it to anyone you want.

Need to collaborate on a regular basis? Share folders inside Koofr and get a built-in messaging option to make collaboration easier.

More than just storage

Use Facebook’s official transfer tool to effortlessly export a copy of all your Facebook photos and videos to Koofr.

Save anything from the web with a single click with Save to Koofr for Chrome or Firefox, also in Brave, Opera and Edge.

Access files on your computer without syncing them to the cloud. Collaborate with others on Office documents in real-time.


Accidentally deleted something? No worries. You can easily recover your files for up to 30 days. Deleted files do not count towards your storage space.

Did someone overwrite your file with a new version? No problem, use the built-in versioning option to recover up to five Previous versions.

Your files are securely transferred over TLS/SSL, encrypted and stored on our servers. You have a full overview over what you're sharing.